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Hi Welcome to our new website! We provide a simple service that is consistently high in quality and reported back to you as you require.

I have over 20 years experience in cleaning ( yes I will be on your site cleaning) as well as managing staff and ensuring all stakeholders requirements are satisfied.

I learnt from the best and have now commenced my own business to bring the core needs required to give you the confidence to have HAWKK as your preferred supplier.

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High Quality Cleaning Service

HAWKK Facilities Pty Ltd (HAWKK) is a small but responsive and versatile company with a reputation for our quality capable delivery. The scalability of HAWKK allows for us to meet our clients’ expecta

Further Success

Further Contract Wins for HAWKK continue: Newcastle University's New TEC medical training and accommodation centre in Tamworth University Department of Rural Health Tamworth Transgrid substations and

Further Suceess

HAWKK has commenced operations at both Allied Mills sites in Tamworth NSW.


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